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A Message From Chris Cason POV-Team Coordinator

For some time now, we on the POV-Team have been aware that users would like better communication with us, for technical support, suggestions, development issues (i.e. custom patches), and so forth.

Unfortunately it has been nearly impossible to provide this simply due to the fact that there are so many users. We are only a small group and want to be able to dedicate our spare time to POV-Ray itself, rather than support.

This, it appears, has left some people with the (incorrect) opinion that we just don't care; that we don't want to hear from them, that we don't want their patches or suggestions.

This is not so. The problem is quite simply that with so many users, the ambient noise level is too high. We have alleviated the problem a little by encouraging peer support on our private news server; however, we have now come to the conclusion that we ought to do even more about it.

There is a solution to this problem.

Introducing the POV-Ray T.A.G.

TAG members are not members of the POV-Team. They are, however, an official conduit between us and the outside world. They have direct access to all members of the POV-Team. They have the right to speak on our behalf on the POV news server and on any official mailing lists that we set up for this purpose. Not everything they say will be official; only when they sign it as such. They can still act as themselves and have their own opinions at all other times.

TAG members will keep an eye on postings and the user community in general, and bring to our attention any issue that they think ought to be answered by the POV-Team. The relevant team member(s) will then either answer the question privately, so that the TAG members can then answer it on our behalf in the public forums, or if it is appropriate the POV-Team member will answer it personally to the original author.

The POV-Team hopes that this system - which allows official communication to flow between the public and ourselves far more easily than it has in the past - will further promote the growth of POV-Ray by making us more accessible than it had been physically possible in the past.

If you would like to discuss something with any of the POV-Ray TAG members you may do so using their TAG e-mail addresses. They only ask that you do not repost their e-mail addresses on USENET or any other publically accessable forum without permission - this is to protect them from recieving spam or other unsolicited e-mail.

Chris Cason, POV-Ray Team Coordinator

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