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An ovus is a shape that looks like an egg. The syntax of the ovus object is:

  ovus {
    Bottom_radius, Top_radius

Where Bottom_radius is a float value giving the radius of the bottom sphere and Top_radius is a float specifying the radius of the top sphere. The top sphere and the bottom sphere are connected together with a suitably truncated lemon (self intersection of a torus), that is automatically computed so as to provide the needed continuity to the shape.

  • The center of the top sphere lies on the top of the bottom sphere.
  • The bottom sphere of the ovus is centered at the origin.
  • The top sphere of the ovus lies on the y-axis.
  • The minor radius of the lemon is twice the largest radius.

An ovus 2D section


The ovus and it's constituent 3D shapes

Whenever the top radius is bigger than twice the bottom radius, the ovus degenerates into a sphere with an offset center. There are a lot of variations in the shape of the ovus.

Note: According to the ratio of the radius, the pointy part is the smallest radius, but is not always on top!


Evolution of ratio from 0 to 1.95 in 0.15 steps.

Note: See the following MathWorld references for more information about the math behind how the ovus object is constructed.

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