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A listing of version 3.1 patches sites in alphabetical order.

ClothRay is a patched version of POV-Ray by Christophe Bouffartigue, that allows yuo to do cloth simulation. The cloth is rectangular, and interacts with its environement (gravity, some objects lying, wind, etc.). This is now part of POVMan.

This is the Isosurface Patch for POV-Ray 3.1g from Nov 2000 that allows you to raytrace HyperFun models on the Windows 9X and NT 4.0 platforms.

The Internet Movie Projects dream is to create a movie with the POV-Ray raytracer. IMPFarm supports Distributed and Network rendering using POV-Ray plus adds direct support for JPEG images.

MegaPov is the hottest new patched version of POV-Ray in town. The patch by Nathan Kopp ( a member of the POV-Team) has incorporated his original UVPov patch together with Ron Parker's SuperPatch and Smellenbergh's Mac MultiPatch. The three of these very competent patchs offer some astounding new features and the added bennefit of being combined into one source. This version of MegaPov is based on the official POV-Ray for Windows v3.1g souce code and will work with the editor for that version without problems. The source is also available for those who wish to compile this patch on their own platform..

MegaPOV (formerly UVPov, SuperPatch, and MultiPatch) is a cooperative work by members of the POV-Ray community

Links to a number of builds for the Macintosh including builds of MegaPOV and POV-Ray.

A port to MPI for distributed rendering on clusters - up to POV-Ray v3.1

Discussion on setting up PVMPov as a render farm by Rick Bono

This DJGPP build has some minor differences from the 'official' SuperPatch (3.1g). In particular, the isosurface patch (by Ryoichi Suzuki) in SuperPatch includes a number of interesting isosurface functions accessible via DLL's. DLL's don't work in MS-DOS, so this build makes all those extra isosurface functions internal to spovray.exe.

A custom patch of POV-Ray by Vahur Krouverk's, based on MegaPov 1.1, which allows the use of RenderMan (R) Shading Language for creating custom pigments in POV-Ray. Mostly compatible with existing shaders used in BMRT, Renderman and others. Some limitations do apply.

POV-Ray Rendering in Parallel

POV-Ray Rendering in Parallel

The Tesselation patch will allow you to tesselate common POV-Ray objects into triangles which then may be manipulated or *possibly* exported to be converted to other 3D file formats. Linux only at this time.

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