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This file includes 26 upper-case letter and other characters defined as objects. The size of all characters is 4 * 5 * 1. The center of the bottom side of a character face is set to the origin, so you may need to translate a character appropriately before rotating it about the x or z axes.

char_A, char_B, char_C,
char_D, char_E, char_F,
char_G, char_H, char_I,
char_J, char_K, char_L,
char_M, char_N, char_O,
char_P, char_Q, char_R,
char_S, char_T, char_U,
char_V, char_W, char_X,
char_Y, char_Z

char_0, char_1,
char_2, char_3,
char_4, char_5,
char_6, char_7,
char_8, char_9

char_Dash, char_Plus, char_ExclPt,
char_Amps, char_Num, char_Dol,
char_Perc, char_Astr, char_Hat,
char_LPar, char_RPar, char_AtSign,
char_LSqu, char_RSqu


#include ""
object {char_A ...}