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This file defines a macro that sets some common radiosity settings. These settings are extremely general and are intended for ease of use, and do not necessarily give the best results.


#include ""
global_settings {
  radiosity {
    Rad_Settings(Setting, Normal, Media)


  • Setting = Quality setting. Use one of the predefined constants:
    • Radiosity_Default
    • Radiosity_Debug
    • Radiosity_Fast
    • Radiosity_Normal
    • Radiosity_2Bounce
    • Radiosity_Final
    • Radiosity_OutdoorLQ
    • Radiosity_OutdoorHQ
    • Radiosity_OutdoorLight
    • Radiosity_IndoorLQ
    • Radiosity_IndoorHQ
  • Normal = Boolean value, whether or not to use surface normal modifiers for radiosity samples.
  • Media = Boolean value, whether or not to calculate media for radiosity samples.