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This document is protected, so submissions, corrections and discussions should be held on this documents talk page.

Tips and Tricks

To speed up rendering as much as possible on the Mac

If you are in the beginning stages of scene creation, you often find yourself editing, rendering, editing, rendering, etc. To speed this up, try shrinking the image size to 32x32, and using the quick_color statements and setting the Image Quality down to about 3. Also turning off the Preview Window during rendering speeds up POV-Ray a lot, sometimes 3 times faster! If you are generating a final scene, try temporarily booting your Mac with no (or few) extensions on. Some of these, especially screen savers, file sharing, virtual memory, and network connections, can really slow things down. POV-Ray grabs more time if it is in the foreground, so don't switch it out behind others. Also, choose the Preferences item from the Edit menu, and set the Application Friendliness throttle way up. Doing all of these can dramatically speed up the scene generation.

How to use TrueType fonts in the "text" object

POV-Ray since version 3.0 supports TrueType text objects. In previous version of POV-Ray Mac you first had to convert the fonts for use with POV-Ray. Now in version 3.5 it will automatically locate the font for you and just use it based on the name. However, be aware that for many fonts only the ASCII characters will work as expected. Make sure to read the general documentation about other changes to the usage of the text object. Note that the general documentation refers to the "sys" charset. Unfortunaetly this is not supported yet in the current version.

Known Problems

Right now POV-Ray will make use of Apple Events which will allow you to control POV-Ray Mac via Apple Script. However, the support is not complete yet and use may be a bit difficult right now because the terminology information (AETE resource) that comes with POV-Ray Mac is incomplete. Of course, this does not prevent you from using POV-Ray in any way other than remote controlling it easily. Obviously this is high on our list to complete soon.

Two other little and possibly annoying quirks are that Block-indenting undo/redo does not undo/redo the whole action in one step and that Select All in message window is not supported. Of course, you can still save the whole Message Window to disk via the File menu "Save As...".

Command-Line Options Table of Contents

This document is protected, so submissions, corrections and discussions should be held on this documents talk page.