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New Features

This section lists significant new features in the Unix version of POV-Ray 3.6, compared to the last release (3.5). It does not list new features of the rendering engine, but only of the Unix version.

I/O Restrictions

Note: The I/O Restriction code may not be completely mature yet. Please report any bugs you may find.

The Unix platform specific part of the I/O Restrictions feature has been redesigned for POV-Ray 3.6. The configuration file format has changed as well as the way the settings are interpreted. How the I/O Restriction can be controlled in the Unix version is described in the I/O Restrictions Documentation.

As a quick summary, I/O Restrictions control where the POV-Ray core code may and may not read or write files. By default, this is turned on and is fairly restrictive (read/write is allowed in the directory that the main input file is in, and read is allowed in the standard installation directories).

Display Options

The Unix version now has a single binary which supports display using the X Window System, or using the SVGA library (SVGAlib) on the console (GNU/Linux systems only), or via text graphics otherwise. If the command-line options or INI files turn on display, the following heuristic is used to determine what kind of display should be used. If the DISPLAY environment variable is set, the X Window display is used. Otherwise, if the user is on the console, and has permission to do so, SVGAlib is used. Otherwise, text graphics are used.

Text graphics display a crude 75x24 ASCII version of the image which can be useful none the less to monitor the render progress on a text terminal. Using text graphics and the Verbose (+v) option simultaneously will not work very well.

Benchmark Mode

POV-Ray 3.6 for Unix provides a new mode to render a built-in version of the standard POV-Ray benchmark scene. See the Benchmark Rendering Mode documentation for details.

Sample scene render scripts

POV-Ray 3.6 includes a set of shell scripts to automatically render all the samples coming with POV-Ray and that generate HTML files to easily browse the sample scenes. See Rendering the Sample Scenes for more information.

KDE integration

The binary package for x86-Linux (povlinux.tgz) comes with an install script that generates some useful entries in the KDE panel for convenient access to the POV-Ray documentation and configuration files.

The generic Unix source distribution also comes with the script to perform the same task. This script is derived from the install script above.

Trademarks Getting Started

This document is protected, so submissions, corrections and discussions should be held on this documents talk page.