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Blob Formula

Better Blob Formula

inline pictures rendered from the portfolio

I know it might seems childish or simple, but even if the graphics illustrations in 2D are nice to explain the measurement (so, keep them), it might be more than a good move to also provide for each shape a sample of render (and we already have them, in the portfolio of povray, section allobjects).

It is pretty obvious what a sphere is, but even the torus had to rely on the donut naming to give everyone a clue. Text is good, but a really rendered shape for each entry (and whose source could be found in the distribution) might really enhance that section.

Actual changes to the pages would be: upload the rendered images from portfolio, add the pictures in the pages.

Some better images could be from the window's povray menu/Insert

The issue of new images is something that's been raised before (other sections) ... it's on my list but low priority at the moment --jholsenback 17:30, 24 October 2010 (UTC)