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The following is a list of the currently-available 'How To' articles. If you add a new article, please list it here.

Please also read our Editing Guidelines prior to creating any articles.


It would be handy if some users co-operated in working out a 'wishlist' of articles and a hierarchy for them, and then created the links to the empty pages from this page.

Discussions should be held on the talk page, not here.

Completed articles

Work-in-Progress Articles

Animating your creations




Special effects in POV-Ray

Special output in POV-Ray

Special input in POV-Ray

Working with POV-Ray

Platform-specific tips to get the most out of POV-ray:

POV-Ray for Microsoft Windows
POV-Ray for Mac OS / Mac OS X
POV-Ray for Unix

Building Scenes in POV-Ray

Scene Description Language

Troubleshooting your scene

This section is for figuring out why your scene isn't rendering as expected. For problems related to installation or removal of POV-Ray, updates, crashes, or other software-related issues, see General POV-Ray troubleshooting.

General POV-Ray troubleshooting

This section is for software problems with POV-Ray. If you are trying to figure out why your scene isn't rendering as expected, see Troubleshooting Your Scene.