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A listing of various animation utility sites in alphabetical order.

With the help of AniTMT you can create and calculate computer animated films. Its main intention is to provide a powerful script language for doing that. It is supposed to both enable you to code animations as plain text and to provide an interface for the (further) development of software like GUI modellers. Currently supports POV-Ray output.

Create AVI files from Bitmaps and cons instantly. You can now modify the scale/rate of your AVIs. Very simple and free to use.

A program to transform BMP files generated by POV-Ray to a non-compressed AVI file. The main goal is the interlace option. Use Field_Render=On and Odd_Field=On, then use BMP2AVI to correctly transform in an AVI file suitable for Premiere or other program. This program is intended especially for high resolution rendering for real video broadcast output.

Program creates POV-Ray file of Buckyballs colliding used for POV-Ray animation.

Will allow you to preview a series of images before compiling as animation.

Site contains several different codecs available for download including both audio and video.

Linux animation utility with AVI, RAW and PPM input and DivX :-) output.

Dave G's Animation System (or DGAS) is a set of utility files for the Persistence of Vision raytracer. It allows you to easily include advanced animation techniques to your pov file. Last updtaed 1997.

Multitrack real-time audio and video editor adds sound to AVI's.

This is the newly released version of DTA 3.0 (Dave's Targa Animator) 12/99.

Fast Movie Processor AVIS animation.

LEAD's Video Codec is a multimedia compressor/decompressor.

Commercial MPEG encoding and video compression for digital video recording and multimedia in a software solution.

Makers of high-quality codecs and animation tools.

QuickTime Movie (.mov) to MPEG1 converter for Macintosh.

At the Info Mac Hyper-archive, a lot of demo or free software for Mac, too many to list here.

Works only with .ppm image files.

Camel's MPEGJoin is a small utility to join MPEG files. It's a very simple program and all it does is join MPG files but it does this very well if used correctly.

open source codec for Mpeg, AC3, etc.. files encoding and playing.

Windows implementation of the above multi-purpose codec.

Poet3-D is a freeware animation system which supports character animation, a click and drag interface, and real-time playback and editing via the OpenGL library. This system is designed to export to the Pov-Ray raytracer. WANTED DOWNLOADABLE FILE MIRROR OR THIS LINK WILL BE DELETED

A 'nearly finished' animation system for POV-Ray 3.02 or you can try this mirror for the actual file to download.

ppm2fli generates FLI animation files form a series of images. Unflick is a utility to extract images from a FLI animation. The programs are written for UNIX like machines.

QuickTime 3.0 upgrade allows you to render QuickTime movies directly with POV. Also plays the new MPEG codec and plays AVI's as well. Upgrade to QT Pro for converting PICT and JPEG images into QuickTime movies. For the Mac OS.

A free alternative to the above codecDOWNLOAD MIRROR

Discusses the I.263 codec, how to install it, trouble shooting procedures, and where to download it.

Free tool for making Bink (.bik) animations, converting between animation formats (.bik, .avi, .mpg) and between still formats (.bmp, .gif, .jpg etc.) and other things.

This Program was created for easy editing of MPEG Files. It makes it easy to cut and join multiple MPEG files. Windows 32 bit operating System (Win 95 / 98 / NT / 2000).

VideoMach is a powerful audio-video builder and converter. Use it to construct video clips from still images, enhance your recorded material or convert video, audio and image files between many supported formats. VideoMach is the successor to Fast Movie Processor.

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