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*The [[KB:Technical Assistance Group|POV-TAG Questions and Tips]] collection.
*The [[KB:POV-Ray Questions and Tips|POV-Ray Questions and Tips]] collection.
*The  [[KB:POV-Ray Links Collection| source]] for the [http://www.povray.org/resources/links/ POV-Ray Links Collection].
*A Place to Catalog and Discuss [[KB:POV-Ray Feature Requests|Feature Requests]].

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What is the Knowledgebase?

The POV-Ray Knowledgebase is a collection of information related to fixing issues that are encountered in the use of POV-Ray. This does not include just bugs in POV-Ray, but really any sort of issue that might create a barrier to further progress in developing a particular scene, or in using POV-Ray in general.

The knowledgebase is not a substitute for the how-tos - it does not serve as a set of tutorials. As a general rule, knowledgebase articles are expected to be fairly short.

The alias 'KB' may also be used in URL's as a substitute for 'Knowledgebase'. For example, Knowledgebase:Windows_Vista and KB:Windows_Vista are functionally equivalent.