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A listing of various discussion forum sites in alphabetical order.

3DstudioMAX, Lightwave, Maya, Softimage and more; the best italian computer graphics forum.

A French Language Portal into the world of POV-Ray. Includes french language newsgroups, download pages, a gallery and POV-Ray links.

These are the news groups hosted by the developers of POV-Ray. There are several different discussion topics including animation, unofficial patches, programming, general topics, unix, IRTC competition, and a group for posting of images for critique by other users. Once you have added the server to your list you will still need to subscribe to the individual groups. Be sure to stop first in the povray.announce.frequently-asked-questions group for info on group posting guidlines.

A website dedicated to everything BMRT and RenderMan related.

The 3D artists community.

This is the web based access to the POV-Ray news groups. This is an invaluable resource for any and all POV-Ray users.

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