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A listing of font and font utility sites in alphabetical order.

Download Free Fonts and Dingbats. Huge Collection of Freeware and Shareware Fonts und Schriftarten.

Abstract Original Free Fonts ding bats font art free fontz for download this page is updated every 3-4 days+database. over 10,000 free fonts

Commercial Fonts designed by Chank Diesel and Charles Anderson with downloadable fee fonts every week.

We have over 900 cool free fonts to choose from. All of the fonts are shown in color previews with the font name and the font's file size. The fonts were taken from all different sources. All of the fonts are saved as .zip files.

dincTYPE - unique fonts for Macintosh and PC. Including some free fonts.

3D extruded Text from TTF fonts.Output to POV-Ray and .dxf

Welcome to the Font Fairy site, home of guilt-free typographic treasures! These are not just any fonts, mind you, but high quality commercial ones. In the real world they would set you back over a thousand dollars if you were to buy them all but here they are free.

Free true type fonts and dingbats for both PC and Mac

Surely not a cure from font addiction, but this is your one-stop archive to hundreds of pc fonts. Choose from many categories; all fonts pictured; unique designs.

TTFtoDXF a utility to convert from a single character to a paragraph of text in any True Type font, to a Dxf file which can then be manipulated in Gcode or Autocad. Handy for sign making or engraving.

Create, design, edit and modify True Type Font Files. Windows shareware by High Logic.

Phil's Fonts, Inc. - type and graphic software resource, featuring font showings, contests, free fonts, web specials, type and graphic links, and more.

Free graphics, fonts, and Photoshop tutorials.

SoftText is a Win95-program which turns a bit of text into a POV-include file. It can handle any TrueType-font you have and store it in a couple of arrays with raw data.

FontSite - a monthly magazine dedicated to typography and design, offering free fonts, fonts for sale, feature articles and an extensive book listing on typography and design.

TTConverter converts Windows truetype fonts to Mac and vice versa. It's the other way around that you'll find useful in POV: you need to convert your Truetype fonts to text format before POV can use them.

Font software for 3D web graphics

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