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A listing of various image and texture resource sites in alphabetical order.

Thousands of professional, high-quality, photorealisitc seamless textures for game developers and architects and more.

Free and pay-for resources for 3D artists

Online Magazine with 3D Articles and tutorials

2800+ Free Tiling Background Textures

The One-Stop Spot for Free Online Graphics, Tips, Tools & Resources. Seemless tilable textures available from the Downloads link.

USGS Mapping Information

Catalog of Star charts and all things star related

Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists.

Everything castle related, including images of castles.

Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" about Gamma and Color in video, computer graphics, and print.

Site contains a list of several software programs specifically for tiling images.

Tiled textures

Site contains links to DEM (digital elevation maps) of the entire globe in various resolutions.

Small collection but good

A series of tiled images

From:3D Photorealism Toolkit - Images designed to tile.

Image*After is a large online free photo collection. You can download and use any image or texture from our site and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial.

Many catagories including Raytracing

Welcome to the solar system surface map database, a NASA/JPL/Caltech spyglass on the cosmos. Select your planetary system of choice and download maps, or browse the surface features of your favorite planet or satellite!

Professional CDs$of seamless textures and lots of free samples.

Italian sculpters links

Offers pictures of Nebula for background applications

A great collection of wood texture maps.

Images of Pollen, Plant Pics, Photos, and Flowers. This is a very comprehensive photo data base and well worth the time exploring.

Evil Dr Ganymede's planetary maps site where you can download maps of other planets for use in 3D raytracing software such as POVRay, Lightwave, and 3DStudio. There's also a dowloadable model of the voyager space craft and other POV-Ray stuff.

Photographic images that may be used as 3D textures in your scenes. All high resolution. 350+ images.

Submit your 3D rendered scene as a JPEG file and they will print it on photographic quality 4x6 prints.

A growing gallery of the Web's most intriguing seamless textures. All images free for download. New images monthly.

Some images of rock

Tiles and stone vendor with an incredible library of textures (marble, granite etc.)

Commercial Images for Topo maps/HF's Samples only

Abnormal Textures

Normal Textures

POV-Ray v3.0-Textures

Here is a site of free lo-res and high-res manmade and natural textures.

About a dozen textures, requires Texture Magic

Tiling backgrounds, textures, desktop wallpaper

University collection - Many stones and brick textures

Texture, Maps, Materials, Bumps (skin)

Meshcraft Treasure Chest CD - some free samples

Human and Monster textures

A large collection of Textures catagorized for easy selection.

Free - These are poorly identified but sampling showed nice surprises

These pages contain specifications for various graphics file formats; along with a number of relevant graphics utilities, information, and URLs.

The Internet Ray Tracing Competition is an open competition. Deadline for still image submission is every two months, for animations, every three months. Participants may use any 3D rendering program they choose. If you want to see the best there is in 3D rendering and raytracing this is the place to go.

342 free photographic textures.

Dem maps scaled at 1:1,000,000

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