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A listing of various 3D link sites in alphabetical order.

3d animation tutorials and resources

Site contains many links to 3D resources many of which are 3D model sites (with a Sci-Fi bias).

A POV-Ray specific links page maintained by Bob Hughes

3D Design Software and Accessories

CAD,CAM,Data Exchange

Printed Circuit Board design

Has a very extensive listing of resources including links to siggraph papers

Keeping you abreast of advances in the field of 3d computer graphics.

This is an extensive collection of links even if a bit disorganized

Nice collection of links to 3D resources including POV-Ray.

A comprehensive source of links to 3D materials and activites

Comprehensive listing of links to 3D resources.

Maintained by: Henrik Wann Jensen

Has a nice collection of links to POV-Ray related sites. Also, take time to visit his raytracing and photo gallery - nice stuff

3D search engine for 3d sites and 3d models

Many outdated but a large # of links are listed

Graphics Resources for the Unix Desktop

Larry is the author of BMRT (Blue Moon Rendering Tools) and also an employee of Pixar who offers the commercial quality Renderman suite of software and brought you Toy Story to the big screen.

Site contains and excellent section on sites that offer 3D utilities for the Linux platform. Many POV-Ray related resources are listed. Site is in French only.

Information and links about 3D CAD/Modelling systems for UNIX Operating systems.

A large list of 3D programs compatible with the Macintosh OS.

Mostly True Space Related

The OpenDWG Alliance is an association of CAD customers and vendors committed to promoting Autodesk AutoCAD's DWG drawing file format as an open, industry - standard format for the exchange of CAD drawings.

Site contains several resources for Bryce and 3D graphics in general. Includes links to free model sites, Poser resources, texture and plugins links, plus others.

List of links to Internet sites related to POV-Ray (In Spanish). Lista de las principales direcciones de Internet relativas al POV Ray: Libros, tutoriales, objetos, texturas, plug-ins, FAQs, listas de correo, grupos de noticias, etc.

POV-Ray Resources on the Net

This is the main page of the POV-Ray Web Ring in Japan.

A Directory of Pov-Ray related sites and their content - French based

A web ring dedicated to users of the program POV-Ray

This is the official links page hosted by the makers of POV-Ray. This is a very comprehensive list of links related to POV-Ray and 3D graphics in general. You are encouraged to contribute links to this site so that it's usefulness to others may grow. Contact to contribute links.

Links to sources of info on Proceedural texturing

List of POV-Ray - Artists, Graphics, Modelling, etc. links

This link site, posted by DotCSoftware inc. is a collection of every known renderman compliant renderer made, from 1987 to the present.

Freeware, 3D Studio IPAS, POV-Ray, PwrBasic, Gifs, Links

Collection of links to Sigraph 98 papers on the web

Large Links section to sites with info on parametric surfaces

Nice collection of links to POV-Ray users sites, but is dominated by invitations to download SpyWare.

Free Models Links list - Good reference source

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