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A listing of object and scene files sites in alphabetical order.

POV-Ray scene files and objects -Misc.

Downloadable Diamond shaped POV object. Author reserves all rights.

Free POVRAY model of a medieval building.

Mostly an exhibit of the work of Tsutomu Higo.Abstract images with POV-Ray source files available.

Eyeball, Candle, Padlock, Array include files for POV-Ray v3.0

Site in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian containing 3d implicit / parametric surface models in POV-Ray format, VRML format and Mathematica format.

While-loops with POV-Ray - how to create twisted rings - samples with POV-Ray scene files by F. A. Lohmueller.

A nice collection of objects and macros, including a 'fake fire' macro, a tree generator and some impressive scene files.

Moray-files Electronics, Office, Bathroom misc. There are a couple of POV-Ray include files (Hexaagonal grid and Axes)

Moray Plugins Grass, Trees, Columns, Chains etc.

Page has 5 POV-Ray objects. Newtons cradle, pencil, pencil holder w/pencils, coffee cup w/mat, and a flexible neck desk lamp.

Source files available for study by: Kurt Bangert and Carola Blaesing-Bangert Be sure to see the section with images and sample code for using media.

Site contains a very nice collection of about half a dozen objects in POV-Ray format by F Roux. The site is in French, but easily navigable, (see the 'modeles' section). Also includes a set of utilities and a gallery.

Over 155 Excellent POV-Ray objects in one place You are invited to contribute to the collection. Maintained by Micha Riser - last updated in Feb 2003.

A couple of scenes inspired by Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (1990). With cliffs, helicopter and waterfall - source is available and a discussion on the techniques use.

POV-Ray mixed collection by Michael Brendan Hurley

Mathematical objects created in POV-Ray. Source available in POV-ray 3.1 format by Tsutomu Higo

Rod Gelaudes web sit in French and mixed English/French. A small collection of downloadable Objects, Tutorials and a gallery of his own works. The objects include half a dozen animal models (including a triangular mesh for an elephant), a vase, a globe and a lamp.

POV-Ray Model Project of the US Space Shuttle.This page is devoted to making available and further developing a detailed POV-Ray format Space Shuttle model. The current model is available for download and is shown in the image on this page.

A number of Star Wars related models mostly POV-Ray 3.1 format by D M Beattie.

Site contains a nice collection of StarWars models in POV-Ray format, some POV-Ray v2.2 textures, and a small collection of POV-Ray utilities.

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