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A listing of POV-Ray official version and resources sites in alphabetical order.

This page at lists the requirements for running the new benchmark.pov file.

In .PDF, .DOC, and HTML Formats

Site contains older versions of POV-Ray that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

Home Page of the Persistence of Vision$Raytracer - FTP server

Home Page of the Persistence of Vision Raytracer

This is the official Macintosh version of POV-Ray home page located on the POV-Ray home page. Contains many resources related to the Mac version of POV-Ray.

This is the web based access to the POV-Ray news groups. This is an invaluable resource for any and all POV-Ray users.

POV-Ray New Ring is a group of sites dedicated to POV-Ray: image galeries, file archives, tutorials, howto's"", project info, source code patches and more, but always related in some way or another to POV-Ray. If you have a website devoted to POV-Ray this is a great way to advertize it."

Located at - Texture Library. The home for all PoV-Ray textures.

The Internet Ray Tracing Competition is an open competition. Deadline for still image submission is every two months; for animations, every three months. Participants may use any 3D rendering program they choose. If you want to see the best there is in 3D rendering and raytracing this is the place to go.

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