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A listing of various POV-Ray people pages sites in alphabetical order.

Not really a POV-Ray person but is a well known pioneer in the CG industry.

Anto offers a gallery of his art plus a tutorial on using sPatch and POV-Ray to model a human face. There are also a couple of include files available for download.

Bob has long been a visitor to the POV-Ray newsgroups and you will often find him there helping others. You will find many interesting things at his site and is well worth the visit.

Chris Cason is the POV-Ray team coordinator and is also responsible for the windows version of POV-Ray. While not as publicly visible as some of the other team members Chris is a driving force behind POV-Ray. Chris maintains the POV-Ray home page, organizes the contents of the IRTC CD's, maintains the POV-Ray news server, and takes on the responsibility of funding all of the online resources for the POV-Team, is his home page.

Images produced by graphic artist Dennis Miller (Requires the Macromedia Flash player to view the page).

Descriptions, tutorials and samples for the POV-Ray raytracing program.

Ib Rasmussen is an old hand with POV-Ray and his work is excellent. At this page you will find his image gallery plus he offers a section with POV-Ray related tips and techniques.

Mainly political and religious writings. One gallery with POV-Ray images.

The book of beginnings presents (in both French and English) Gilles Trans excellent renderings. This site also contains downloadable macros, descriptions of how some of the scenes were made and discussions on technique.

The online portfolio of Liam Jackson, showcasing 3D showreels, 3D animations and photography. Also included on this site are 3D tutorials for Maya and wallpapers to download.

The Home page of Margus Ramst a member of the POV-Ray Technical Assistance Group. You will find a gallery, a few scene files and some POV-Ray utilities here.

Mark's page offers some POV-Ray related materials and has an interesting section on math.

Polynomial, fractales, bioitÚration, landscape and more. Site contains a gallery of images produced using the above techniques plus offers include files for the creation of some of the images presented. Links to the include files are at the top of a few of the gallery pages.

Mick shows what a teacher of art can do with POV-Ray. An outstanding presentaiton of POV-Ray's capabilities and Mr. Hazelgrove's talents.

Here you will find a gallery of Pod's work plus he has a download page with several progams he has written. A couple of these are useful for converting between different color formats.

On the POV-Ray Users Website, users of POV-Ray can find information about each other. You can find general information, see photos, read biographies, and more! In the Submit Info section you can submit information about yourself.

Established by the POV-Team (the current authors of the Persistence of Vision Raytracer) in late 1999, the TAG is made up of selected members of the POV-Ray user community. The purpose of the TAG is to aid the POV-Team in supporting users of POV-Ray around the world, using the collective knowledge of the group to answer users' POV-Ray questions and to bring POV-Ray related matters to the attention of the POV-Team as required.

Site by Zeger Knaepen contains a POV-Ray gallery. No tutorials found.

Games - Art - Design - Remco de Korte. Offers some interesting programs including a nice program for fonts with support for POV-Ray.

A gallery of his work with POV-Ray source files for each image, plus some include files for traffic lights and a screwdriver and some utilities (at the bottom of the POV page).

Gilles is a true artist. If you want to see mind blowing raytraced images this is the site to visit. Besides being an accomplished artist he even managed to find time to make some of his personal utilities available to the public. Time will be well spent visiting this site.

Site contains 3D images, include files, stereograms, tutorials, The POV Desktop Theme, The POV-Ray Logo Contest, music, 350+ raytracing jokes, and much more! Maintained by Rune Johansen a regular contributor in the POV-Ray news groups.

This page offers a map of the locations of POV-Ray users from around the world. Last updated 2002 - No further updates planned.

Thorsten Frohlich is a POV-Team member and is now responsible for the Macintosh port of the program. Thorsten is active on the POV-Ray news groups and manages the Official Mac-OS info page at

Maintained by: Ken Tyler who proudly proclaims that he has the largest list of POV-Ray related links ever made available on the net. Ken freely donates his time helping other POV-Ray users on the POV-Ray newsgroups and on c.g.r.r. plus he maintains the links page at and is now a member of the POV-Ray Technical Assistance Group.(Updated Aug 2002)

This page is a collection of images created by various users of POV-Ray. The images are all of excellent quality and really show off some of it's capabilities. The source code for the images is available for study and you are encouraged to donate your art work to the collection.

A gallery of Warp's images. Warp is known in the POV-Ray community for his motion blur and compressed mesh utilities and also the proud maintainer of the POV-Ray VFAQ. Warp is very active in the POV-Ray news groups and is now a member of the POV-Ray Technical Assistance Group.

The POV-Ray Ring is a chain of sites dedicated to POV-Ray. It includes image galleries, file archives, tutorials, how-tos, project info, source code patches and more, but always related in some way or another to POV-Ray. Maintained by Rune Johansen.

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