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This page summarizes some of the known issues in using POV-Ray with Windows Vista®.


Some people have had problems running POVRay for Windows under Vista®. This section should help address some of these issues and possible solutions.

Animation Incompatibility

Vista® has a problem when trying to create animations. If the "Initial_Frame" or "Final_Frame" values in POVRAY.INI are set, the program will freeze up and exit rather badly.

To get around this, you need to find the binary (usually "c:\program files\pov-ray for windows v.36\bin\pvengine.exe"). Right click on the icon and select "Properties". Under the "Compatibility" tab, click the button for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows 98/Windows Me." Slightly lower, click on the button for "Disable visual themes".

It should run smoothly after that (or at least it has for me).

Added: Mar 14, 2008.

Sometimes the above method does not work. I've found the following always works - YMMV:

  1. Install into a directory other than "Program Files"
  2. After installation, perform the procedure described above
  3. Before closing the properties tab click on the "Security" tab
  4. Make sure all users have "full control" selected in the "permissions" box