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Internet Archive links to missing pages: buckyball:

Dave G's page:


Poet-3D animation system:

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POV-Ray animation system (Geocities) archive:

SlaveTainer I.263 FAQ (aol) archive:

The Animation System (geocities) archive:

Animation utilities relinking done, moving to the next section next time, going back home, too cold here :)

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After your mail I had a better look and found a better link to fran'shomepage than the internet archive (file download is available):

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All Checked in this page now !

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Since the Ligos MPEG2 (Indeo 5) has been flagged unsafe almost everywhere and the site seems to have closed, This is one of the rare cases where we should probably burry even the Internet Archive link ( Maurice (talk) 00:22, 4 June 2021 (UTC)