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Welcome to the POV-Ray wiki. This site is intended to serve a number of purposes. These include:

  • Providing a means to summarize discussions on a variety of topics involving POV-Ray.
  • Providing an online copy of the POV-Ray documentation to which users may add comments and possibly even edit.
  • Contributing webspace to authors of popular POV-Ray add-ons or tools.
  • Encouraging users to develop and add to a POV-Ray knowledgebase and FAQ.
  • Possible integration of the 3d links list to allow editing by authorized users.

This wiki is in its initial stages of construction. Not all categories have been created and the final layout is yet to be decided. Making permanent links into content is probably not a good idea at this point.

Editing this Wiki

To discourage spamming, anonymous editing is not permitted. Additionally, even for registered users, some parts of this site will not be editable (primarily this will apply to the top-level portions of the wiki - a.k.a. the 'project' namespace).

Persons with experience with POV-Ray or topics of interest to POV-Ray users (e.g. mathematics, solid modeling, and so forth) who are interested in contributing and maintaining content are welcome to contact us.

To Do List

  • We have yet to complete installation of extensions to the wiki. In particular, full support for mathematical expression markup is not present.
  • At this point, there is no centralized log-in system in use between the main site, this site, and other related sites such as We realize this is undesirable and are looking into whether or not it is sufficiently important for us to devote programming resources into fixing it.