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Change Log Extracts

The change-log has been reviewed and these items below have been added into the documentation. --jholsenback 19:35, 27 October 2010 (UTC)

Whats New

  • A platform independent change summary has been completed
  • The Windows change summary has been completed
  • Setup (WIP) a Mac OS change summary
  • Setup (WIP) a Unix change summary


  • Speed up radiosity pretrace option
  • Revival of Radiosity Load/Save
  • New radiosity "high reproducibility" mode
  • Radiosity maximum_reuse parameter
  • Added no_radiosity keyword
  • Implemented adaptive radiosity pretrace.
  • Parser now checks for plausible relation between radiosity minimum_reuse and maximum_reuse:

New Features

  • Diffuse backside illumination
  • Added a new list pattern type: cubic
  • Added a new warp type: cubic
  • AOI Pattern
  • Slope Pattern extension
  • Subsurface scattering
  • Added support for full area light diffuse and specular illumination
  • Added emission parameter to the finish block
  • Added RTR (real-time raytracing), clockless animation, and video capture support
  • Added atand function to "".
  • You now have the ability to specify the render block size


  • Non-legacy scene default gamma handling for image input files
  • assumed_gamma and File_Gamma
  • gamma keyword to specify gamma pre-corrected colours


  • Added ability to declare an identifier as deprecated
  • Added comparison (=, !=, <, <=, >, >=) support for strings
  • #break directive behavior
  • ARRAYS_WriteDF3 macro
  • Added binary #write capability
  • Changed bounding method command-line option from +b2 to +bm2
  • BSP (Binary Space Partitioning) tree bounding is now available
  • Changed WorkThreads INI option to Work_Threads for consistency
  • The version directive, command-line setting no longer provide compatibility
  • Added #elseif directive
  • The following keywords have been added to the identifiers and keywords list
  1. aoi
  2. area_illumination
  3. atand
  4. cubic pattern
  5. cubic warp
  6. deprecated
  7. elseif
  8. emission finish
  9. file_gamma
  10. for
  11. gamma
  12. maximum_reuse
  13. mm_per_unit
  14. no_radiosity
  15. premultiplied
  16. sint8, sint16be, sint16le
  17. sint32be, sint32le
  18. srgb
  19. subsurface
  20. uint8
  21. uint16be, uint16le

Images and Image Related

  • Added HDR file support (RGBE, as used in Radiance)and EXR file support
  • PPM and 16-bit greyscale output
  • bicubic image interpolation
  • chroma sub-sampling in JPEG output
  • Default output file type is now PNG
  • background alpha handling
  • sky_sphere with layered pigment and filter
  • Changed alpha handling for image file input and output
  • Changed input file gamma syntax for individual files
  • Added premultiplied BOOL parameter to input image file syntax
  • Added experimental support for reading the pixel resolution of an image map.
  • Added Antialias_Gamma=n.n
  • Changes to input image transparency handling for material_map, bump_map and image_pattern
  • Added support for using the sRGB transfer function for output file gamma.
  • Mosaic preview performance note