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Known Issues

Quick list of general known issues with the version 3.7, the 3.7.1 pre-release and the current master branch(3.7.2):

  1. Unix users. Due to problems with X11 window libraries, some special command line parameters, such as -geometry, are not available. These were previously enabled via X11 itself. However, a preview display can still be enabled if building from source and the optional SDL Simple Directmedia Layer (V1.2) development library is available to link against.
  2. While utf-8 support is available in scene files, there are still issues with file names using non-ASCII characters. Meaning a user running in utf-8 or equivalent must take care to use only ASCII characters for all scene related file and directory names. See: github issue 152
  3. Agressive Anti-Aliasing (AA) usually addresses bright and dark speckles sometimes seen with media where rays glance - tangentially - to a mathematical surface in a way which confuses interval determination for sampling. Further, while using 'sturm on' is usually a help, it tends to make such media speckling worse. Search the newsgroups for more detail.
  4. The internal .gray | .grey, color to gray conversion is not adjusted for assumed_gamma as the current conversion was set up for other than the recommended assumed_gamma 1 setting. See the newsgroup discussion at: "Assumed_gamma and .gray". The following macro, as suggested in the news thread, can be used by assumed_gamma 1 users:

    #macro DotGray (Color)
      #local C = color Color;
      (0.2126 * + 0.7152 * + 0.0722 * // ITU-R BT.709

The developer's issue tracking can be found at Github Issue Tracking System