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A listing of macro files sites in alphabetical order.

A macro by Chris Dennis for calculating the position of the sun for any given time and place on the surface of the earth. It's cleverly called

A bezier spline macro include file by Josh English based on POVRay 3.1.

Blob Man is a set of macros that generate a humanoid figure from Blobs, the Head, Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet and Fingers can all be positioned. Hair of varying styles can be added if required, as can image_maps for the face.

Several include files having to do with astronomy, including a set of macros for plotting orbits and solving the three-body problem.

This macro include file creates evenly distributed points on a sphere like a geodesic dome By: Uwe Zimmermann

Russell Towle's POV scene files for (1) and icosahedral kaleidoscope, and (2) regular and irregular star polygons, compounds of polygons, with spheres on the vertices and cylinders on the edges. is a macro include file for the generation of realistic trees in POV-Ray and is a macro that makes realistic rock like block walls similar to what you might see in a garden or in dungeons. Both files created by Steven Pigeon and are hosted with persmission by Ken Tyler. You can also download 58 useful POV-Ray macros all in one zip file.

John has a great collection of macros and include files zipped into a single downloadable archive. Useful for any POV-Ray users tool box. Also available from

The Asymmetrical Scaling Macro is a very useful tool for scaling several parts of objects in separate ways, for example to create an egg shape by scaling a sphere asymmetrically. Object merging supported for perfect transparent objects.

Create magnifying lenses with just two macro parameters: lens radius and thickness. Two example refractive glass materials included.

This small macro makes it possible to build a box consisting of mesh triangles, with an input of only two vectors (just like in the regular box object statement). Useful for exporting from POV-Ray.

A macro shortcut for a mathematical calculation: input is a range (two different numbers), output is a random number in that range (i.e. smaller than the maximum and larger than the minimum).

Do you wish to use a box without sharp edges in a scene, but a superellipsoid isn't quite the thing you want? Try this macro to get some smooth edges without placing all those spheres and cylinders.

The Latticework macro can produce 31 different designs and with three different cross types and can apply the texture at three different levels all within the macro so that you can have as many different types of latticework in one scene as you like.

*SoftForm, is an INC with a macro that creates (flat) polygons with rounded edges. It also has shortcuts to create several polygons, including stars. * XTree is an include-file that creates simple Xmas-type trees. *Voetbal (soccer ball) is yet another ball-macro but this one is (for) kicking!

By Gilles Tran - Make Very realistic Trees in POV-Ray. This file keeps evolving and is very much in demand.

A collection of POV-Ray Macros including macros to connects two pre-declared points.

Fill - Box or Cylinder with Spheres Macros

Site includes a Macro Tree file, Grass generation, Window Blinds, Brick Walls, Special Shape extrusion Macro, 19th Century Lamp Post, Folding Deck Chair, Odd Pipe connecting Macro file, Glass w/liquid object, Broken Egg, and Angel Wings object.

Lots of POV-Ray macros by different contributors on a common copyleft license. Maintained on the official POV-Ray web site.

Site contains several useful macros;,,,,,

A subdivision surface is a method of generating curving surfaces by taking a mesh of polygons, and refining those polygons by replacing them with smaller polygons, each derived by a set formula from the polygons of the prior generation of the surface. The resulting polygon mesh, over successive generations, approaches a smooth curve. The Surface Subdivision Suite is a suite of macros by John VanSickle which enable the user to take a coarse triangle mesh and smooth it into something that appears far smoother.

Theresa Willis' include files for generating robotic style walking POV-Ray animations. and Son of

Tim Nikias' site contains various macro utilities and object files for download. Visit site to see what is available.

Triscan.mcr is a macro definition file designed to work with MegaPOV's new features, such as trace(), min_extent, max_extent, and so forth to produce a simulated surface scan of a #declared POV object, and export it as a triangle mesh in RAW or LSL format. RAW files can then be converted with programs such as 3DWin or Crossroads to a number of other formats, and LSL files can be directly imported into the Leveller height field editor.

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