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This section is entirely done too, here are suggested modifications to some of its links:

3D Texture Libraries and Backgrounds from TextureWorld should be removed as it was a commercial texture selling site and its archive shows no reachable samples:

Area map search form can be updated to:

Astronomical Data Center: A more current home for it may exist here:

Download Planet Earth (Geocities)

Iain's Textures:

Nebulae Page is now located here:

The search for previous link lead me to this other page which probably could be added as a ressource:

NTMY'sDigital home exists in the archive but links to the Pov texture include file is broken at any date so link can probably be deleted.

Public Textures: more up to date (current) portfolio of the owner of the author:

Put your 3D images on photographic prints No longer brings to "" (redirection) but Kodak who probably bought it and still provide the same service

TextureLand !

Texture Shoppe The files are in a format needing this other old ressource Texture Magic: Here's a mirror still valid today where to download it:

Texture Studio but I'm not sure files are any longer reachable from there

Dreamsandmagic textures can be found here:

and a few free samples of the later commercial product here:

PBourke's Textures Archive seems to still be online and located here:

The last link, USGS us DEM maps, needs to be updated to:

  • all these changes have been done --jholsenback 23:14, 18 March 2010 (UTC)