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  1. MediaWiki:Uploadtext – Text appearing on the upload page.
  2. MediaWiki:Sitenotice – Text that appears at the top of every page on the site, just below the tabs
  3. MediaWiki:Copyrightwarning2 – The copyright warning that appears below the edit window.
  4. MediaWiki:Common.css – Style sheet (CSS) defining site appearance, common to all skins.
  5. MediaWiki:Edittools – Provides list of special characters appearing below edit box and save/preview buttons.
  6. MediaWiki:Sidebar – Defines 'navigation' box in top-left corner.
  7. MediaWiki:Revertpage – Text added to the edit summary when using the rollback tool.
  8. MediaWiki:Licenses – List of available licenses for images/files appearing in a drop-down list on file upload page.
  9. MediaWiki:Newmessagesdifflink - Text displayed for viewing the last change to a page.
  10. MediaWiki:Mainpage - The default page for
  11. MediaWiki:Tagline – The text appearing just below a page title