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The object pattern takes an object as input. It generates a, two item, color list pattern. Whether a point is assigned to one item or the other depends on whether it is inside the specified object or not.

Object's used in the object pattern cannot have a texture and must be solid - these are the same limitations as for bounded_by and clipped_by.


object {

Where OBJ_IDENTIFIER is the target object (which must be declared), or use the full object syntax. LIST_ITEM_A and LIST_ITEM_B are the colors, pigments, or whatever the pattern is controlling. LIST_ITEM_A is used for all points outside the object, and LIST_ITEM_B is used for all points inside the object.


pigment {
  object {
    color White 
    color Red
  turbulence 0.15

Note: This is a block pattern which cannot use wave types, color_map, or slope_map modifiers.