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General Information

  • Name: Christoffer Cronström
  • Handle: "Hymyly"
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: 890331
  • Current location: Lund, Sweden
  • Raytracing: For fun. Oh, and the desktop backgrounds...

Language Proficiency

  • Native: Swedish
  • Foreign:
    • English (British dialect) at advanced to near-native level
      • Eleven years of formal education
    • French (Belgian dialect) at moderate level
      • Five years of formal education
      • Eleven years of inhabitation
    • Esperanto at low to moderate level
    • Latin (Anglophone Modern) at low level
      • Four years of formal education

Programming Proficiency

  • Formal education: None
  • Paradigm Familiarities:
    • Object-oriented programming at moderate level
  • Language Familiarities:
    • C# at advanced level
    • Object Pascal at moderate level
    • C++ at low level
  • Architecture Familiarities:
    • .NET Framework at high level
    • Windows at high level