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welcome to this .. remote exclave of creature land.

the page is currently "under development".

I intend, over the coming days and weeks, to create a collection of download links for my POV-Ray stuff, include files and utilities, mostly. the idea is to provide the latest version of each, all in one place.

I do have ideas for a "proper" article or two, too, on the (obligatory :-)) list of things to do.

a note on matters legal, since they matter, to so many. not being a lawyer, I release all my stuff under the GNU Public License version 3 or later because I think it provides a potential user with all the "freedom"s they need, but mostly out of habit. if that license is .. inconvenient, write, I'm open to discussion.

SDL code

all include files require a POV-Ray version 3.8, or later.

  • -- a macro to calculate an object's bounding box. CSG objects, and even "simple" rotated primitives, tend to have a lot of room in the bounding box provided by POV-Ray. the archive includes a demo scene, illustrating the use of 'Bounder()', and automated re-bounding of an object.
version download
  • -- a macro to execute a (your) macro for each element, in the selected dimension(s), of a given array. the archive includes documentation and a comprehensive feature-by-feature demo.
version download
  • -- a set of macros for use with "packed" variables, that is, 4-vector variables where each component is addressed by position, much like a (small) array.
version download
  • -- three sets of macros implementing first-in first-out ("FIFO"), last-in first-out ("LIFO", or "stack"), and priority queues. the archive includes documentation and very basic test/demo scenes.
version download
  • -- a macro which expands to a "gridded" plane{}, derived from Friedrich Lohmüller's code. the archive includes documentation and a scene file which replicates one of FL's demo images (approximately, ie a different camera view/angle).
version download
  • -- a set of macros for "instrumenting" macros, or other code, and count the number of times they're called.
version download

C code

all the following were developed on a 64-bit GNU/Linux box, the 'Makefile's use 'gcc'.

  • gts2pov -- converts GTS data to POV-Ray mesh[2], optionally smoothed. requires 'libgts' installed.
version download
0.3.1 gts2pov.tar.gz
  • hilbert2d -- a program to generate sphere_sweep{}s, laid out as Hilbert Curves. the usage is documented in the program's man page.
version download
0.4.3 hilbert2d.tar.gz
  • nocomment -- removes comments from SDL code files, or any file using C/C++ style comments, and writes the output to same-named files prefixed 'nc_'. useful for large(r) files used in an animation. requires 'flex' to build.
version download
n/a nocomment.tar.gz
  • tga2df3_2 -- a re-implementation of jhu's 2012 'tga2df3' code, it writes colour-separated DF3s.
version download
n/a tga2df3_2.tar.gz

other code

  • rgbtxt2inc.tcl -- a script to convert the X Window System colour database ('rgb.txt') to a POV-Ray version 3.5 or later include file, the output is written to ''.
version download
n/a rgbtxt2inc.tcl

last edit 20220815221816.