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The following assumes that povray made with gcc has been installed already (for the libraries and other dependancies) User:Le Forgeron/vault/Ubuntu_Gcc

Intel© Compiler

  1. Get the compiler
    1. Check if you qualify
    2. Register
    3. Keep note of the serial number
    4. Download the compiler (Intel© C++ Composer XE for Linux (formely Intel© C++ Compiler Professional Edition for Linux))
  2. Extract ( tar -xvf l_ccompxe_intel64_2011.9.293.tgz )
  3. Change directory (cd l_ccompxe_intel64_2011.9.293 )
  4. Set a root password (sudo passwd root )
  5. Install ( ./ )
  6. Remember:
To get started using Intel(R) Composer XE 2011 Update 9 located in
- Set the environment variables for a terminal window using one of the following
  (replace "intel64" with "ia32" if you are using a 32-bit platform).
     For csh/tcsh:
        $ source install-dir/bin/compilervars.csh intel64
     For bash:
        $ source install-dir/bin/ intel64
     To invoke the installed compilers:
        For C++: icpc
        For C: icc
        For Fortran: ifort
  To get help, append the -help option or precede with the man command.
- To view a table of getting started documents: 

on 64 bits system

You must have installed the gcc-multilib & g++-multilib for the ./ to find its prerequisites.


  1. Get the tar ball for boost
  2. Extract ( tar xjf boost_1_48_0.tar.bz2 )
  3. Change directory ( cd boost_1_48_0/ )
  4. Start install ( ./ --prefix=/opt/intel --with-toolset=intel-linux )
  5. Reclaim ownership of /opt/intel ( sudo chown -R jerome:jerome /opt/intel )
  6. Go further ( ./b2 install --prefix=/opt/intel )


  1. Extract the source ( tar -xvf povray-3.7.0.RC4.tar.gz )
  2. Change directory ( cd povray-3.7.0.RC4/ )
  3. Configure povray ( CXX=icc ./configure COMPILED_BY="Grimbert Jerome <[email protected]>" --disable-io-restrictions )
  4. Compile ( make -j 12 )
  5. Check ( make check )
  6. Install under anothername ( sudo cp unix/povray /usr/local/bin/povrayicc )

Ubuntu 13.04 & icpc 13

The bits/c++config.h file is not found from gnu includes when used with icpc, so to fix it:

CXX=icpc CC=icpc ./configure --disable-io-restrictions COMPILED_BY="Grimbert Jérôme <[email protected]>"