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The Playpen

A bit of documentation for items currently in my POV-Ray playpen.

Git Branches on github

I'm maintaining my POV-Ray patches as un-merged github branches to make it easier for me to keep them current with the POV-Ray master branch. In my own space I occasionally create my own version of POV-Ray which includes just the branches/patches of mine and others that I want.

Pointers to active branches follow with the thought some might be generally useful to others in rolling their own versions of POV-Ray. There usually additional branches on github not documented herein.

Fix Polynomial Solver Accuracy

Started as a rework of the polysolve / sturm chain solver, but now includes solver tangled fixes for blobs as well as updates to the more general common solver mechanisms and invocations. NOTE! Work is in progress....

See newsgroup thread: (Unable to include link due wiki captcha being broken)

git pull fix/polynomialsolverAccuracy

New soft_object and hard_object Patterns

See newsgroup thread: (Unable to include link due wiki captcha being broken)

git pull feature/soft_objectAndhard_objectPatterns

Better Text Object Performance

Especially with longer text strings and inside tests. A big help if using text objects with the soft_object and hard_object patterns.

git pull update/TrueType_BetterPerformance

Density File Pattern Updates

A three pronged effort to improve .df3 density file pattern support.

  1. Improved user documentation.
  2. Additional array coupled df3 creation and read support. Write support exists.
  3. Fixes and extensions for the density file pattern.

See: Density File Pattern - proposed documentation updates.

git pull feature/newDensityPatternInterpolations

Addition black_hole warp type(s)

The black_hole warp in master today has just type 0 support so the type is not really documented though the parser picks it up. Further the default sucking black_hole is clamped in movement and it sometimes reaches outside the black_hole range making for interesting effects I've used, but certainly confusing results for any novice. This patch adds a type 1 version of the black_hole warp which duplicates exactly the pushing/inverted form of type 0, but for the sucking form it implements a form more like what folks would expect. The default with this patch is still type 0 so type 1 needs to be specified to use the new type.

See newsgroup thread: (Unable to include link due wiki captcha being broken)

git pull feature/newBlack_holeTypes

Non-portable 32 bit DF3 write capability

Pull request for this rejected as not portable - and I admit I don't understand the particulars. The feature works for me on linux though and I find it useful so I maintain it for my use.

git pull feature/nonPortable32bitDF3Write

Both image_map and pigment_map support in density block

Lets one use both image_map and pigment_map in density{} as a way to quickly get full color density/media.

See newsgroup thread: (Unable to include link due wiki captcha being broken)

git pull feature/pigment_map_wDensity

Unix file and console column wrap control by environment variable

Enabling control of the wrapping via environment variables of POVRAY_CONSOLE_COLUMNS for the console and POVRAY_TEXTSTREAM_COLUMNS for files and console.

Note. There is an active pull req #117 approaching this issue in another way.

git pull feature/unixConsoleFileColumnWrapControl

Fix. Rejected parser check for subsurface crash/non-function issue #122

Missing or mis-placed subsurface definition in global block can cause crash or give the indication the subsurface feature is working when it is not. I run with this parser hack as protection pending a more complete fix.

git pull fix/subsurfaceCrash_Issue122_FS306

How to merge branches into a custom version of POV-Ray

Given you've already installed git and have an active local fork of POV-Ray master branches can be merged on linux with:

git checkout master 
git branch povraySpecial
git checkout povraySpecial
git pull fix/unixSimpleDirectMediaLayerMessages
... Usual, configure and make ... 

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