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Binaries are compiled for every new version of POV-Ray and available in the Windows Download section of this page: Running the setup.exe installer with standard options is enough to set POV-Ray up and in working order for the Blender exporter.


  • Download the source from here:

  • On older Linux distributions you may have to query-replace march=native to march=corei7 in the configure file (tested with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit, gcc 4.6.3, and i7-4770K processor).
  • Navigate from a terminal into the folder where you uncompressed it and type:

./configure COMPILED_BY="your name <email@address>"

if you get an error, whatever will follow the "configure: error: " is the names of missing libraries on your system, it could be boost, libpng, or anything... Go to your package manager such as Synaptic or whatever, and install each of them preferably the specific version which is asked for. At the end of the configure command, this should be written:

Unix man page:/usr/local/share/man
  • then type:

make install

That's all, you should then have POV-Ray 3.7 installed.

Here is a page with more options for compiling.


Below is the recipe used to compile POV-Ray for Slackware:

cd /media/space/software/Source/povray/povray-3.7.0/povray
git config core.sparsecheckout true
echo source/ >> .git/info/sparse-checkout
echo unix/ >> .git/info/sparse-checkout
echo vfe/ >> .git/info/sparse-checkout
echo distribution/ >> .git/info/sparse-checkout
echo doc/ >> .git/info/sparse-checkout
git remote add -f origin
git pull origin master

# * [new branch]      3.7-stable -> origin/3.7-stable
# * [new branch]      master     -> origin/master
# * [new tag]         v3.7.0.0   -> v3.7.0.0

#Backup /media/space/software/Source/povray/povray-3.7.0/povray to

cd unix/
cd ../
../configure COMPILED_BY="your name" --with-boost-thread=boost_thread
#POV-Ray 3.7.0 has been configured.

#Built-in features:
#  I/O restrictions:          enabled
#  X Window display:          enabled (using SDL)
#  Supported image formats:   gif tga iff ppm pgm hdr png jpeg tiff openexr
#  Unsupported image formats: -

#Compilation settings:
#  Build architecture:  x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
#  Built/Optimized for: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (using -march=native)
#  Compiler vendor:     gnu
#  Compiler version:    g++ 4.7.1
#  Compiler flags:      -pipe -Wno-multichar -Wno-write-strings
-fno-enforce-eh-specs -s -O3 -ffast-math -march=native -pthread

#Type 'make check' to build the program and run a test render.
#Type 'make install' to install POV-Ray on your system.

#The POV-Ray components will be installed in the following directories:
#  Program (executable):       /usr/local/bin
#  System configuration files: /usr/local/etc/povray/3.7
#  User configuration files:   /home/dad/.povray/3.7
#  Standard include files:     /usr/local/share/povray-3.7/include
#  Standard INI files:         /usr/local/share/povray-3.7/ini
#  Standard demo scene files:  /usr/local/share/povray-3.7/scenes
#  Documentation (text, HTML): /usr/local/share/doc/povray-3.7
#  Unix man page:              /usr/local/share/man

make -j2
make check #the biscuit + coffee render fine
#As root
checkinstall # this does "make install" and also creates a Slackware package
#Edit 3 - Version to be 3.7.0
#This package will be built according to these values:

#1 -  Summary: [ povray ]
#2 -  Name:    [ povray ]
#3 -  Version: [ 3.7.0 ]
#4 -  Release: [ 1 ]
#5 -  License: [ GPL ]
#6 -  Group:   [ Applications/System ]
#7 -  Architecture: [ x86_64 ]
#8 -  Source location: [ povray ]
#9 -  Alternate source location: [  ]

Mac OS/X

You can download some Mac builds of POV-Ray here:

Intel-based computers with system 10.6.8 and later (included 10.9) are supported.

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