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Comments are text in the scene file included to make the scene file easier to read or understand. They are ignored by the ray-tracer and are there for your information. There are two types of comments in POV-Ray.

Two slashes are used for single line comments. Anything on a line after a double slash (//) is ignored by the ray-tracer. For example:

// This line is ignored

You can have scene file information on the line in front of the comment as in:

object { FooBar } // this is an object

The other type of comment is used for multiple lines. It starts with "/*" and ends with "*/". Everything in-between is ignored. For example:

/* These lines
are ignored
by the
ray-tracer */

This can be useful if you want to temporarily remove elements from a scene file. /* ... */ comments can comment out lines containing other // comments and thus can be used to temporarily or permanently comment out parts of a scene. /* ... */ comments can be nested, the following is legal:

/* This is a comment
// This too
/* This also */

Use comments liberally and generously. Well used, they really improve the readability of scene files.

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