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This is an informational page, intended for contributors that wish to get involved with editing the documentation, and make it ready for the POV-Ray version 3.7 release. Please use the talk page for discussions.

Contributors should at least have a look at these notes for some important information about the content.

In no particular order (but by section) these are the tasks needed accomplish that goal.

The Tutorial

The tutorial section is in fairly good shape, at this time these are some of the known action items:

  • these sub-sections of the appendices need updating:
  • other issues ...

The Reference

Probably the biggest task of the bunch, these sections, probably not all inclusive, could be affected:

POV-Ray for Windows

What are some of the issue's with the Windows section? These could be action items:

  • codemax editor changes
  • image updates, additions
  • minimum system requirements update (ie: drop win98?)
  • other issues ...

POV-Ray for Mac OS

A Mac OS expert needs to be identified to make this section complete. There are some obvious references to previous version(s) that should probably be cleaned up or reworded. Additionally these action items should be considered:

  • image updates, additions or changes
  • minimum system requirements update?
  • other issues ...

POV-Ray for Unix

A Unix expert needs to be identified to make this section complete. This is a pretty bare bones section, and aside from the 3.6 version references, there probably is little to do, however a review of the content is most likely a good idea. Additionally these action items should be considered:

  • is this (I/O Restrictions) still an issue?
  • need images?
  • other issues ...


These items are of lesser importance, but worth mentioning, as they could apply to all sections, so that's why they are listed here:

  • if new images get added please observe naming convention.
  • TutImgImageName.png
  • RefImgImageName.png
  • MacImgImageName.png
  • WinImgImageName.png
  • UnxImgImageName.png
  • cleanup unnecessarily long external links
  • other issues ...

Assigned Tasks

This is a list of tasks that have been assigned:

Completed Tasks