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Hg Povray 3.8

Based on Povray 3.8

Corrections & Changes

  1. removed tiny rotation of text
  2. fix for FS#324 (rendering mesh/mesh2 artifact, regression from 3.6)
  3. UV-mapping of Ovus is oriented the same way as lemon, cone, cylinder
  4. Unix-specific: display error on options (command line and ini file)
  5. fix the angles of icosahedron and tetrahedron from

Extensions & Additions

  1. cameras, data access and new types: cameras
  2. compound objects, data access to inner objects: compound
  3. long auto-folding text: galley
  4. generalized symetric difference, interunion, intermerge: gsd
  5. mesh tools, data access and transformations: mesh
  6. nurbs: nurbs
  7. patterns, new types: patterns
  8. polygon using winding number for filling: polyline
  9. rational_bezier_patch: rational_bezier_patch
  10. render pattern: spirals render pattern
  11. skeleton of mesh: skeleton
  12. sphere_sweep, uv mapping: sphere_sweep
  13. splines, data access and new types: splines
  14. traces, methods to transform get uv data from traces: trace
  15. tesselations, methods to transform into mesh: tesselation
  16. UVMapping, cylinder, cone, sphere_sweep, disc, lemon: UVMapping
  17. UVMeshable, data access for classes of objects, transform into mesh: UVMeshable
  18. warp rotate, wrapping to or from shapes: warp