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The following is a list of the currently-available and wished for 'How To' articles. If you add a new article, please list and link it here.

Note: Some of the older articles, written while 3.7.0 was being developed, are in need of update.

Please read our Editing Guidelines prior to creating any articles.

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Subject Areas

Getting or updating POV-Ray

Animating your creations




Scene Description Language

Scenes in POV-Ray

Special effects in POV-Ray

Special input in POV-Ray

Special output in POV-Ray


Working with POV-Ray

Tips to get the most out of POV-ray:

POV-Ray for Microsoft Windows

POV-Ray troubleshooting

This section is for software problems with POV-Ray. If you are trying to figure out why your scene isn't rendering as expected, see Troubleshooting Your Scene.

Troubleshooting your scene

This section is for figuring out why your scene isn't rendering as expected. For problems related to installation or removal of POV-Ray, updates, crashes, or other software-related issues, see POV-Ray troubleshooting.